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Finished Burj Dubai rumored to be taller than Xbox UnNews Logo Potato.png

26 July 2007

They seem equal enough, but nothing is as it seems.

DUBAI, UAE The Xbox is currently known as the tallest creation by mankind in the last 500 years since its creation in the 00s, but rumor tells us that the award will soon be taken by a new construction, a far more greater creation called the Burj Dubai (English: Big urge to buy). Placed in Dubai, this 900 meter maniac will bring in as much visitors like the time in a tiny parallel universe where Dubai was the only place on earth.

A rumor claims that the the Burj Dubai will be "Really Really Really Tall" or in Wikipedian/Idiot, "Supertall". Even taller than Xbox, which is left unconfirmed. The Emaar's project leader Greg "Sangy Sang" Sang says that Burj Dubai has far more less bugs than Xbox, obviously true. He also says "It is a symbol of the project of the world in Dubai" leaving everyone confused.

Xbox astronomy.jpg

Microsoft will probably try to win back the title of tallest construction by dropping a huge Xbox from space, thusly destroying Burj Dubai and frying most of the Indian Ocean. However, due to law of the americàn law and örder, such actions are kept away from happening.

How tall Burj Dubai will be once it is finished? According to Greg "Sangy Sang" Sang from Emaar, between 700 metres and DAMN TALL, yet another stupid rumor claims that it will be PRETTY DAMN TALL once they make it taller and paint it pink.