UnNews:Facebook Supports Down's Syndrome Eradication via Censorship

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Facebook Supports Down's Syndrome Eradication via Censorship UnNews Logo Potato.png

30 April 2012

Creating a world of tomorrow free from the burden of the handicapped.

Davidson County, North Carolina -- Down's Syndrome is a debilitating affliction that affects hundred of individuals every year. And though there is currently no cure for the ailment, several organizations are hard at work looking for ways to curb the disability. Today, social networking giant Facebook joins the ranks of those supporting the elimination of Down's Syndrome. Their contribution? Removing any and all references to the ailment from their website.

A representative for Facebook told UnNews that “we at Facebook believe that prevention starts with marginalization. As such, we're doing our best to take down pictures of children [and adults] with the disorder, close groups regarding Down's Syndrome, and restrict site access to those who may be affected.” When asked if these actions are tantamount to sweeping the disorder under the rug, Facebook's representative replied “we certainly don't want to seem as if we're sweeping anyone under the rug...it's more along the lines of, you know, when a relative comes over and you put the dog in the garage? It's more like that."

It is unclear how wide-reaching this censorship will ultimately become. According to the representative, the site plans on “starting with Down's Syndrome, then moving on to other illnesses and diseases. Thereafter, we're looking into stricter guidelines on certain other groups. There is a German model from the 1940's that we're taking into great consideration.”