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David Cameron to star in new desert adventure UnNews Logo Potato.png

31 January 2013

Coming soon.


British Premier idol Dave Cameron has confirmed that work on his film Beau Dave is to commence this month in North Africa. The movie which was originally a French financed love story with Frank Hollande with Carla Bruni providing the anti-love interest as she runs away from her husband L'Honque (Nicolas Sarkozy), has now been made into an Anglo-French musical face.

Cameron will play Beau Dave, an old Etonian and smartly addressed adventurer who leaves his home country to escape his electoral promises. He joins the Oil Cartels Foreign Legion to defend their installations against an assortment of enemies who live in the desert. In between the sand and bullets and hostage taking, Dave and Frank are united against their common enemies but when it comes to love, they are fierce rivals for the woman they call Filly Lucre.

"This is the second time I have gone for a big international role," admitted David Cameron. " After I appeared with Nicolas [Sarkozy] in Go-Go Gaddafi, I was itching to get back here. Working back in Britain in tv work like My Big Triple Dipper and Flat Broke and On Me Uppers, were critical underachievers - so I needed to get away. This film offers me an excellent comeback and will help me prepare for Europe 2017:The Final Referendum.

The film will also see David Beckham playing a cameo role as soccer loving camel who teaches the local kids how to play football. This role will require subtitles in both English and French and a change of underwear for Victoria Beckham.