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Curators discover painting has been upside-down all along UnNews Logo Potato.png

31 October 2022

These two supposed "connoisseurs" of abstract art have no fricking clue that they are marvelling over a work hung upside-down. Happily, Uncyclopedia readers will have figured it out instantly.

NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA, Germany -- Curators have discovered that the Piet Mondrian painting “New York City 1” has been upside-down since it was hung in this German state's museum.

Curator Susanne Meyer-Büser said the error may date back to its hanging in New York City's Museum of Modern Art in 1945. The artwork, done using duct tape, is supposed to portray a New York skyline. But Ms. Meyer-Büser said the New York harbor is plenty clean, while the air is filthy. Thus, the darker shades of duct tape, now at the bottom, obviously belong at the top.

Other curators at the museum say it is now instantly obvious that the painting is upside-down. Ms. Meyer-Büser is due to get an ample bonus in her next paycheck for her brainstorm. However, they intend to keep it in the exact same orientation. The adhesive of the duct tape has dried out in those 78 years (as happens to most other duct-tape applications much more quickly) and, if they inverted it and the inevitable occurred, it might take three more generations of abstract art curators to come up with an explanation for what the masterpiece "means."