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Bill Gates stars in a commercial about nothing UnNews Logo Potato.png

5 September 2008

In an ad starting two days before the day after tomorrow, Bill Gates will advertise Seinfeld (i.e. the show about nothing) season 0, presented with Windows Vista Service Pack 12. The commercial has been delayed somewhat from January 2000 2005 2007. William Gates has stated how if you wanna watch a show with no content his OS is the perfect choice.

When Charlie Gibson asked how he thought the commercial would benefit his company he said, "The company is not what we wanna benefit, Seinfeld is a great comedian and will provide humor to all the people watching. Vista is merely used to promote the DVD re-release of his hilarious show, because it is the best operating system out there for presentations."

One Digg user asked Seinfeld why Linux couldn't be used. Jerry responded, "Lynn Ox? I saw a movie with her back in 8th grade."

Cousin and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that "Well, I don't have a great relationship with him, but hopefully Superman will make it durable funny."