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11 May 2008

Am I wasting my time here? Nobody cares about common sense anymore because it is so rare, the same for responsibility. So here is a picture of Deadpool for no random reason.


Common sense and responsibility have both passed on from this mortal plane. They are survived by ignorance and entitlement. In these modern days they have become outdated concepts no longer taught in public schools or colleges. No longer used by workers or corporations or governments. No longer practiced by politicians and leaders.

They used to be all about what was best for the human race, for society, for everyone. But now ignorance and entitlement are what seems to be best for the individual via the popular opinion.

Common sense and responsibility started to die out hundreds of years ago as ignorance and entitlement were born. At that time people stopped trying to answer questions and search for the truth and do what was right. It become more about individuals than anything else in the world, and ignorance and entitlement grew.

As more people became individuals, they stopped using common sense and responsibility, and started to become like everyone else to claim their own personal individuality. Common sense would tell them that if they became like everyone else, they would not be an individual any more. But people decided to listen to ignorance instead.

Responsibility told people if they worked hard and earned and education and also helped out other people they could grow their careers and buy their own house and plan their on retirement. But people decided to listen to entitlement instead, figuring that everyone else owed them a house, a job, and retirement because they have suffered and are owed it. Common sense told them that everyone suffers and life is suffering, but you have to make the best of it. Ignorance told them that they had to take what was owed them, even if it meant breaking the law or causing others to suffer.

A big funeral march was held for the death of common sense and responsibility three months after they died, because Nobody cares about them anymore, but their bodies began to stink so they held a funeral for them anyway.

In recent times almost everyone ignored common sense and responsibility, and instead listened to ignorance and entitlement instead. As a result common sense and responsibility vanished, never to be heard from again. Neither the political left or political right listens to common sense or responsibility, and each time politicians are elected to office they side with ignorance and entitlement.

Common sense and responsibility were listened to by the founding fathers of the USA, and they used them to write the Constitution. But today the Constitution has been amended and interpreted in such a way that it favors ignorance and entitlement. Most other nations no longer follow common sense and responsibility, but follow ignorance and entitlement. No where on the face of the Earth, can common sense and responsibility be found. So they have ceased to exist. A pity, they could have guided the human race to a golden age, but now ignorance and entitlement seem to be guiding the human race to another dark age.

So it is sad, that I deliver this eulogy on common sense and responsibility to the world, many of whom on this planet never really knew them at all.