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31 March 2007

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New York, New York - On the heels of the release of her new debut album "Ohmigod Pease Don't Forget Who I Am...", Katherine McPhee was spotted at the one night only event called "Phantom Night."

The reason you voted for her.

While at the party she got used to her new job of retail whore. McPhee was seen unveiling the new five-blade Fusion Power Super-Duper-Phantom-Menace-Hair-B-Gone razor from Gillette. McPhee offered to perform at the event but the organizers said that it "wouldn't be necessary." Also included at the party were all the things men love. Themselves. Not only that, but there was a video game lounge with the least crappy PS3 games, plasma televisions displaying sports highlights, strippers, whores, liquor of all kinds as well as poker and blackjack tables.

McPhee poses with shaving partygoers

There were also shaving stations where all the attendees got to use new Gillette products. Said one partygoer after trying out the razor, "Yup. My face is clean shaven now. Pretty much what I expected."

If you'd like more information on the new Gillette Fusion Power Super-Duper-Phantom-Menace-Hair-B-Gone razor, you really need a life.