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Fake News that's honestly fake UnNews Sunday, November 28, 2021, 20:23:59 (UTC)

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16 January 2010

COSTA MESA, CA - The Costa Mesa Police Department conducted undercover operations throughout the city, targeting the illegal sale of alcohol to minors, intoxicated patrons, and illegal solicitations, but no citations were issued. However, merchants were warned about selling alcohol to minors, intoxicated patrons, and illegal solicitation, to which merchants responded "Yes, we know, that's why we're not doing it." The operations are part of a recent grant from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Grant Assistance Program and are clearly a waste of time for all those involved and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Democrats across the State blame Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for the operations waste of time, money, resources, & effort. That being said, Democrats would blame Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were the operations to NOT take place. Either way, we all look like dipsticks; Democrats for being perpetually anxious and Republicans for being stupid enough to thing for a New York Minute that they could straighten out the State of California as it creeps ever closer to an economic catastrophe, dragging the United States with it, then the rest of the world.


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