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Oh how beautiful, oh how dangerous

So there she is, both beautiful and dangerous, and beautiful but dangerous. She leans over you suggestively, her gun poking in your side [1] as she whispers in your ear "I hear you are well endowed in the... map region". Her perfume intoxicates you, but then that is 120 Proof Vodka behind her ears...

You carefully steer the conversation away from the map and towards more interesting topics; like that little dress she's wearing, and what the chances are that you are going to remove it tonight. Strangely she seems willing. It's not usual for you to have success with beautiful women, or anything else for that matter, but tonight could be different!

With a smile that promises that will be all she is wearing soon, Isthi invites you to her room.

To run straight into the arms of the beautiful but dangerous double agent Isthi Sanninnuendo, go to Page 69 To run away from that rattlesnake of a woman! go to Page 20
  1. At least, I think it's a gun