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Umm... yeah.... image.... I need one of them too.

Isthi Sanninnuendo pleads with you for a chance to get in the sack. How else is she going to get other parts? This could be the end of her career! In return for at least a minimal sex scene, with a good arse shot, she will give you the key to the very very mysterious Temple of Temples.

So OK, this is supposed to be a winning track. But frankly, I haven't written it yet. So you've had the sex, and got away with the map, and found the key that saves you going through the dangerous and dramatic part of the story, and there is only one possible death left! So don't go bugging me about development, and plot lines, and the correct expression of the antagonist! There's only so much time in my life! OK?!

So anyway...

To skip all that and get to the winning bit, go to Page 100 To find out how you would have lost if you were stupid enough to click here, go to Page 72