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Watch out! This guy is only 21, the burger's name means something you know[1]


After lots of exciting stuff, the sort that makes you read a book from cover to cover (not that this one would make sense read that way)[2], you finally find your way to the inner sanctum of the Temple of Temples. And there, in front of your disbelieving eyes, is the Cheeseburger of Doom. Beautiful in its sinisterness, glowing brightly with either virtue or radioactivity, it's yours for the taking. You take it with all due respect, and marvel at its perfection.

You lift it reverently to your mouth and take your first bite... and fall over dead. It was radioactivity after all. Your last thought is thinking of reasons never to eat cheeseburgers from weird temples.

Oh, sorry about the "winning track" bit. Turns out I was wrong.

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  1. Oops, guess I should have said that before this page
  2. and not that it makes sense anyway