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Ladders are particular fond of hosiery, specifically stockings.
Leading engineers refute old age wisdom: It's not easy falling off a ladder.


~ Albert Einstein

“No, thats my Stepladder, my real ladder left when I was seven”

~ Noel Coward on Ladders

Stepladders are one of the most interesting inventions Mankind has created, it is well known that the popular Media has for many years been using the "Ladder" word to increase sales of magazines and newspapers.

Ladders claims they were on the moon before Neil Armstrong: "If not for us, there would not be "'One small step.'" They also make the claim that they can get into any woman's stockings like THAT. Ladders were invented by John Ladder. As a popular entertainer alongside such screen legends as Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd and Joachim Phoenix, Ladders has stared in such classic films as Towering Inferno, Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers) and Digby the Biggest Dog in the World.

Forty Step Program for all there is to know about Ladders[edit]

This ladder is NOT dangerous.
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  12. Compensation: Claiming for personnel injury as a result of falling off a ladder due to wet floor which was wet because "Herb Ladder" was at fault.
  13. I've never seen a ladder with forty rungs. Do they exist, I think they probably do but I'm still not making Forty steps because I can't be bothered.

Ladder Related TV and Books[edit]

  • TV Special: The Return of Black Ladder and Black Ladder Goes Forth tonight on ABC TV
  • Jacobs Ladder: Is it just a pipe dream?
  • Acclaimed new novel: 2000 Ladders Under The Sea.
  • Excerpts from the Little Red Book: "Justice comes from the rail of ladders" (Mao Tse Rung)
  • The Edmond Hillary Interview: "Why did I climb the Ladder? - Because it was there."

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