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A non sequitur is a statement which is out of context compared to the current topic of discussion -- they are most easily spotted when arguments get out of hand on Facebook and Youtube. Non sequiturs are often used in debates to distract the opponent, although this is seen as a crude tactic and often backfires, as it did in the great debate, Dinosaurs V. Meteor. California is the fifth largest economy in the world. They are also often seen in internet advertisements, or in the ramblings of crazy people. ...Well, crazy people who know the truth about non sequiturs.

Hey look, a proto-badger!

Origins and History[edit]

The term non sequitur comes from Latin, non meaning not and sequitur meaning does follow. Therefore, when translated, non sequitur means does not follow (the statement before it). Many animals rights activists are vegetarian. The first non sequitur was used by Julius Caesar, in a debate in the Roman Senate. "Friends" was an extremely long running and popular television series set in New York City. Non sequiturs gained popularity in the centuries to come, being used by famous philosophers like Descartes and Voltaire. The music of Philip Glass is called minimalism, although he has always preferred using the phrase music with repetitive structures.
Experts agree that this is an image of a bear, but nobody asked the bears, did they???

Modern Usage[edit]

The non-sequitur is quite popular in modern usage in comedy shows, especially those geared toward young children and the uttering complete tripe British. Lions do not in fact live in jungles, but in savannahs. It is used to bring an element of randomness or energy to a comedy routine, or to give the impression that the speaker is crazy. As previously mentioned, non-sequiturs are also used in a moment, we shall examine some of these ludicrous claims in more detail, your nebulous claim of having received such confirmation is spurious at best of the ramblings of crazy a people. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

Usage in the ramblings of crazy people[edit]

This is a normal badger, not a proto-badger. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE or don't come crying to me when your yams are missing
What is the meaning of pi? A brown toaster doesn't appeal to the market. France may or may not be classified as a modern country. Nabokov is post-pre-modern. God help me, they are talking again. Don't sleep in the subway. By the way, seafood. This is prefunctory to the upholding of the biangelic llama statues #683-Baboon. Gnoseologically speaking, Einstein's theory of relativity is.

Castlereigh Street.

Can You Believe it's not Butter?[edit]

Hitler rejects this question and substitutes his own.

Caring for your pet Jerusalem artichoke[edit]

Nor did Samuel L. Jackson or that "that guy" guy. That's when Gogock stated, “Several gazoons were teaching the hell out of my wait a second hand me that aircraft carrier Indians Dodgers Yankees Braves…”. Now you're getting the hang of it. And then she took a pair of scissors and cut off his—[continued on p. Ügåhøsk]


1 + 1 = 1 + 1
  • Fill in the blank.

2 cups of grape anthrax
1½ tablespoons of meitnerium
6 medium-sized walrus turds
8.721 gallons of buttermint

And the award for best supporting female ketchup bottle goes to…
  • We're sorry, but you must first dial a one or a zero plus the area code when calling this number. Please hang up and try your call again.
I like turtles.[citation needed]

Industrial Development in Post Cold War Albania[edit]

I bent my wookie.