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Nephilim are the bastard-children of evil mutant alien cyborgs led by the Monarchist Rebel Samyaza (AKA: Satan, AKA: Lucifer, AKA: Megatron). This is documented in the ancient text Book of Enoch, and their existence is confirmed in the Torah and the X-Files.

After the Fall and the Coming of King Massiah[edit]

Lucifer in true form

Having succeeded in causing mankind to fall from grace and lose its prestige, Lucifer predictably lost his own position and given a death warrant by Justice, prompting him into a frenzy to acquire the solar system as his own feudal asset.

Not satisfied with his destructive act of sibling jealousy against his little brother and sister (Adam and Eve), he decided to abduct his nieces and somehow succeeded in impregnating them, creating an elite master race that would enforce his authority over the planet, while hopefully preventing the birth of the human Messiah or the reformation of the Fields of the Nephilim.

God and the Divine Council Take Emergancy Tactics[edit]

After having succeeded in this endeavor, THE Elohim (God) and the elohim (the Divine Council) engage in liberating the Planet Earth by flooding certain parts of, or the whole of the Earth to destroy the mutant strain (it is suspected that Lucifer and his Predicon Confederacy where killed off with their genetically engineered offspring, and now wander as hungry Ghosts).

Biblical Proof![edit]

Genesis 6 talks about this, with the Predicons coming down to genetically engineer a new race of ubermensche, though, confusingly states that it was because of simple physical attraction (such a statement would be rediculous, given the relative superiority and non-humaness of the beings in question). But it is there nonetheless, so....

The Book of Enoch[edit]

The Book of Enoch is far more extensive and makes a hell of a lot more sense, with Lucifer doing this for the aformentioned reasons.

Alien Abduction Scenario[edit]

It is quite obvious that the Alien Abduction scenario is very analogous to the above-mentioned facts, given the Grey's obsession with perverted panphilia and speaking un-Christian enviro-hippy nonsense (see: Gaia). The X-Files are a particularly good source of information, containing numerous cases of abductions, and some even deal with Nephilim directly). But this itself pails in comparison to the extensive and highly credible evidence compiled by Billy Meier!

Billy Meier[edit]

Billy Meier is a world renowned contactee and prophet who has been in contact with a group of Nazi-Like aliens known as "Plejarins". The physical description of Plejarinen are those of Germanic people. Most disturbing is the case of the hot female alien "Semjaze", whose name sounds awfully similar to "Samyaza". And even if this is true, the fact remains that there is a Samjaza anyway, who supposedly fathered the Germanic peoples.

Description of a Nephil[edit]

A Nephil has been debated for a long time, however, it is quite obvious that Nephil is Aramaic and means "Giant". So we certainly have that covered. They also like to breed with all kinds of animals siring monstrous offspring.

Despite his talent at wiping cities off the map, God wasn't very good at wiping out the Nephilim and they survived the great flood and lived in Canaan where they again mated with everything until God gave Joshua the order to commit giant genocide.

However, from other sources, it is quite possible that they are the Nordic races (as confirmed by the Nation of Islam and Nazi Mysticism). There is also the fact that they are polydactyle (as documented in the X-Files).

David Icke believes this very thing, not merely the Germanic, but also British, Ashkenazi, Saudi, Rockefeller, Merovingian and Japanese blood lines, and has revealed the specific genetic changes to be based on centers of the brain that allow for hypnotic susceptibility (advantagious for demonic possession), along with the obvious strong, brauny build required to fight in the Lucifarian subterranean wars.

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