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Screwed over by Bill again! Hillary never seems to get a break in C-Span's sitcom, Love That Hillary!

Love That Hillary! (2000 - Present ) is a sitcom airing on the C-Span Television Network starring Carson Kressley as Hillary Clinton, a former United States First Lady who decides to try her hand at politics and run for the United States Senate.

The show is best known by C-Span’s clever marketing catchphrase: “Hillary in the House!”

Elected in the pilot episode (originally entitled: Its My Turn, Damn It!), soon to be “Former” First Lady and Newly Elected Senator Clinton has to make the first big decision of her career; does she attend the White House State Dinner honoring the outrageous Bishop Desmond Tutu (Dave Chapelle) as a Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton or First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. It matters for this one night - her arch enemy Ann Coulter (Elaine Stritch) evades security and shows up on the arm of House Majority Leader Tom Delay. According to press notes from C-Span "This isn’t the first time that she’ll find herself caught between duty to country, duty to the citizens of New York who have just elected her, and just plain deep-doody! It's zaniness at its best!"

The show also features Jim Belushi as Clinton’s out-of-work husband Bill and Allison Janey as their daughter Chelsea. Clinton’s best friend and confident (Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) is portrayed by Viveca A. Fox. Broadway legend Elaine Stritch portrays Clinton’s arch enemy, Ann Coulter, winning Stritch three consecutive Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Comedy in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

The show was placed on hiatus from 2005-2007. It was relaunched in January 2008 with a semi-complete make-over. Now a Presidential candidate, Senator Clinton now had to contend with a whole new staff and a new nemesis, a hip and with it young black man from the ghettos of Chicago, Barry Obama, played in the pilot by Snoop Doggy Dawg. Test audiences found Mr. Dogg too black (as if), so he was replaced by Michael Jackson and the character renamed Barack Obama in a nod to true multiculturalism. New scripts had Clinton barking up the wrong tree in campaign stop after campaign stop. Writers promised a cliffhanger in the late spring 2008 that wouldn't be revealed until the scheduled fall premiere in 2008.

Episode Guide[edit]

The cast of Love That Hillary (clockwise from right) Carson Kressley as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elaine Stritch as Ann Coulter, Jim Belushi as Bill Clinton and Vivica A. Fox as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Season One[edit]

Episode 1, (Pilot) "Guess who's coming to the State Dinner?"

Episode 2, "The one where Bill has a Heart Attack"

Episode 3, "The one where Ann Coulter shoots off her mouth"

Episode 4, "The one where Ruth Bader Ginsburg confesses everything"

Episode 5, "The one where Chelsea dates a bo-hunk"

Episode 6, "The one with the filibuster"

Episode 7, "The one where Hillary kicks Bill Frist in the balls"

Episode 8, "The one where Ruth offers sisterly advice"

Episode 9, "The one where Clinton's try post coronary operative sex"

Episode 10, "The one with the duck" (part 1)

Episode 11, "The one with the duck" (part II)

Episode 12, "The one trapped at the day-spa body wrap room with Ann Coulter"

Episode 13, "The one where Senator Clinton decides to fly a flag over the United States Capitol and gets caught in the rigging." (Season 1 Cliffhanger)

Season Two[edit]

Episode 1, "The one that begins with no explanation of how Hillary got out of the Capitol flagpole rigging and ends, hilariously, with her caught in the rigging again."

Episode 2, "The one where Bill smokes a joint that he finds in Chelsea's handbag but doesn't inhale."

Episode 3, "The one where the dog gets loose and leads the whole Clinton clan on a madcap chase through downtown Chappaqua."

Episode 4, "The one where the duck returns."

Episode 5, "The one where Hillary gets amnesia."

Episode 6, "The one with Hillary's evil twin."

Episode 7, "The one where Hillary suspects Bill is having an affair but it's just a zany misunderstanding involving a pre-Valentine's day lingerie purchase."

Episodes 8 through 12 not broadcast due to presidential debates.

Episode 13 (Season Finale), "The one where Chelsea goes into a coma and Bill and Hillary hold hands at her bedside. The episode ends in laughter all around when she awakes and the doctor asks her who is President and she says, hilariously, 'Well, Daddy was and I sure hope Mommy's gonna be."

Season 5[edit]

Episode 1. The one where Hillary loses Iowa

Episode 2. The one where Hillary loses South Carolina

Episode 3. The one where Hillary loses the District of Columbia

Episode 4. The one where Hillary wins Massachusetts but loses Super Tuesday.

Episode 5. The one where Hillary wins New York.

Episode 6. The one where Hillary wins Ohio but loses Texas in the caucuses.

Episode 7. The one where Bill calls Barack Obama a "fortunate young man"

Episode 8. The one where Hillary eats some humble pie.

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