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Although it sounds easy, spotting virgins can sometimes be quite difficult. With girls, unless directly inspected, it is almost impossible to tell. Behaviourally, non-virgin and virgin girls aren't all that different. While girls that are flirtacious or act slutty are certainly not virgins; shy and quiet girls are often not virgins either (especially if they are attractive). With guys, while there is no physical indicator of sexual intercourse, there are several behavioural clues which should tip you off.

How to tell if a girl is a virgin


If a girl looks like this, she is almost certainly not a virgin

The best way to check if a girl is still a virgin is to inspect her hymen. Unfortunately, many girls will become offended if you attempt to do this. This is especially true if you attempt it in public. Even if you are able to inspect the hymen, it is not a foolproof method of assuring virginity. Occasionally the hymen can break prior to sexual intercourse due to activities such as horseback riding or the use of sex toys such as dildos. Chances are though, if a girl is using sex toys on herself, she is probably having sex anyways. Also, some girls who have started having sex still have an intact hymen. This is due to having sex with guys with very small cocks. Despite exceptions, the intact hymen is a fairly reliable method of determining female virginity.


She does not need to be beautiful and sexy. There are some guys out there desperate enough to have sex with anything with a vagina on it. (Also, some guys are into that sort of thing.) She does not need to be fat and ugly, either - occasionally you may find a very attractive girl who regularly carries Horny Guy Repellent and does not hesitate to use it, along with The Look of Doom, which if ignored will result in a sound slapping.

If a girl is hot, you can almost guarantee that she is not a virgin (unless she comes from a religious family, in which case she may still be having sex but just say she is a virgin). Virgin girls are almost always ugly, but this does not mean that all ugly chicks are virgins. In fact, the sluttiest girls tend to be ugly because it is the only way that guys will pay any attention to them. Street hookers are ugly and look at how much sex they have had. Looks can really only be used to rule out virginity. Also, most school girls are virgins, but it depends on her environments. Unlike hymen inspection, appearance is only good in ruling out virginity and is not an accurate method of testing for it.

Another helpful tip is the color of her skin. The differences are very subtle, virgin girls tend to have fairer skin than non-virgins. The best virgins have skins that are white as snow. Once a girl has had sex, however, her skin becomes just a tiny bit darker, more tan appearing. This is why white is the color of chastity, and once a girl has had sex, she becomes tarnished.


There are some behavioural clues that indicate female virginity. This includes having a feminist ideology or being very religious. Strangely enough feminists and religious people are often both against sex (although for very different reasons). Feminists believe that sex exploits women and religions usually believe that sex outside of marriage is a sin. If girls display either (or rarely both) of these behaviours then there is a good chance of virginity. Psychologists have argued that this behaviour actually results from a third factor and that girls don't really stay virgins for the reasons they say they do. Instead they argue that due to ugliness, these girls are unable to have sex, or at least sex with someone half decent. Instead of becoming cheap whores, which many girls do, they instead attempt to justify their involuntary celibacy and declare sex immoral.

Another behavioural way to tell if a girl is a virgin is if you see her taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. The reason for this is because many women do not want to get knocked up at a young age. Also, if a girl is seeking out testing for sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, she must have had sex to be worried about being infected, and is therefore obviously a non-virgin.

Watch out for use of makeup. Virgins do not use makeup. Girls who use makeup are non-virgins. In fact, there is a linear correlation between the amount of makeup a girl puts on and the amount of sex she has had.

How to tell if a guy is a virgin


Here's one nerdy cat, it's easy to tell this one is a virgin

Unlike females, there is no physical indicator that can determine if a male has had sex or not. Fortunately, for most of you girls out there, it is actually far easier to tell if a guy is a virgin than if a girl is. Virgin guys tend to share a group of physical traits that often prevent them from having sex. The behavioural clues are an even stronger indicator of virginity. With obvious behavioural clues and often a different physical appearance females do not even need this clue to tell if a guy is a virgin.


Virgin guys tend to have a unique appearance when compared to other males. They tend to be shorter on average than non-virgins. More importantly though, virgins are universally weak. They have very little muscle mass and are often weaker than females. They can be any size but they are normally skinny little scrawnbags or they are fat asses. They also have very small penises.


Male virgins also share a unique pattern of behaviour that is almost universal in all of them. This includes cowardice, femininity, social and sexual ineptness, poor motor coordination, and passivity. You can usually tell a male virgin by seeing what games they play. Some of these games include magic the gathering and Runescape. Most male virgins tend to only be able to talk to women on mmo's as this requires no face to face interaction. They are usually afraid of women and in the rare case that a woman will show interest in them, they will go through great lengths to please them. Although they are often afraid of women, most shrinks agree that male virgins do desire relationships with the opposite sex. They are usually just unable to handle a relationship with a woman because they lack the social and sexual skills to keep her satisfied. As a result, they often resort to wuss-like behaviour in order to keep any woman they do get around. Some of these behaviours include kissing her ass, acting like a woman, being a needy wuss bag, buying her shit, begging women to go out with them, and being sensitive. Unfortunately this usually backfires and the woman will usually leave the virgin nerd for a smooth talking tank.

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