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There are many ways on how to self-reflect, but one common theme is to use your own head in some fashion. How ones head is used to self-reflect has shifted throughout history as trends and materials have developed. In this article we will focus on a beginner method called Forward Headbutt (FH for short).

What is a Forward headbutt?[edit]

A FH is a so called strike method. A strike method puts emphasis on the use of force to strike ones head against a reflector, also called a target. Depending on the kind of output you wish to achieve, there are many different body alignments, motions and reflectors you can utilize. Choosing between one or the other usually comes down to experience. In the art of self-reflection the theory of progression has long been universally accepted as the way to go. This means that before you can do Backwards Headbutts you need to be familiar with Forward Headbutts. And if your goal is to master Wall-to-Table Headbutts you need to be familiar with both Backwards Headbutts and Tablebutts. Skipping a step in the progression ladder can lead to unnecessary injury.

How to Forward Headbutt[edit]

As stated above you need to choose a reflector. This article recommends a concrete wall. Concrete is a common, vertically free-standing and strong material that will not fail you when you headbutt it. Most modern masters of self-reflection recommends beginners to use concrete because:

  • Most people live in cities where concrete is common.
  • Commonly found both indoors and outdoors. Weather will never hinder your progress.
  • Concrete comes in different shapes that will help when the novice begin more advanced strike methods.

When you have found a good piece of concrete wall, it’s time to start training!

To become a master in self-reflection you need to have good form during exercises. Bad form leads to unnecessary injury, which will halt your progress. First off, never bend your neck. The wrong kind of neckbending will leave you in a world of pain. Secondly, never bend your back. Good core stability is always helpful when headbutting walls.

Now to the motion. We will describe a technique called reverse pendulum. It will teach you basic concepts like timing and power. You start by standing with your feet together facing the wall with a distance of about 30-40 cm. In one motion, you bend your knees slightly, move your hips forward and your upper back backwards. Then, having achieved the banana bend position, you move your hips backwards, straighten your knees and lock them, and finally bend your torso forwards (with a straight back!) until you hit the wall with the front your head.

Other methods of self-reflection[edit]

Aside from the popular strike methods, others have developed throughout history. Here we will explain shortly what they are.

Pressure methods utilize external force, a so called reflector machine, on your head to achieve self-reflection. These machines come in all shapes, sizes and have different levels of complexity. The most simple reflector machine is the Drop, where you lie down on your back, pick an item, hold it over your head and drop it. Depending on shape and size you will achieve different results. More advanced forms utilise technology that lets you fine-tune the amount of pressure. At the forefront in this field are pseudo-random pressure machines, using advanced computer algorithms to make as efficient results as possible.

Yet another popular family of methods is collaborative methods. This is perhaps the most controversial, as self-reflection is usually defined as a solitary hobby. Common practices within this field are boxing and other sports where striking your partners head is good. If you are interested in these methods, we recommend you become a member in some regulated and accepted sports association. Most nations have banned collaborative self-reflection outside sports. These practices are usually called battery or domestic violence and could lead you to a lot of trouble.

Words of wisdom[edit]

Using people as reflectors is not recommended. At least not in the short term. When striked upon, people will become obstacles for your continued self-reflection. In the long term, however, striking others could be beneficial. Done correctly, it could lead you to a jail sentence, where you will have lots of time and lots of concrete. However, Forward Headbutts are not recommended naked with other inmates around. Be safe!

Using animals as reflectors is also not recommended. Animals move around, get moved on impact, die on impact or strike back, becoming an obstacle for your continued self-reflection. Plants, except for trees, have similar problems. We also don’t recommend plants and animals because of the inherent risk of allergies. Stay away from them to be safe!

Remember that the theory of progression is universally accepted. No matter how cool techniques like slamming, double drop, tick-tack-jump or dipping look, they are advanced techniques that should only be exercised by experienced people.