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So you just read HowTo:Vandalise Uncyclopedia and you want to know how to do it? You have just read HowTo:Get Banned and want to be able to blank an article (no 1 on the list)?

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Well this is the place for you: This is How To Properly Blank an Article.

What is Blanking?[edit]

Blanking an article is a form of Vandalism. It is the easiest and least harmful form of vandalism because it doesn't hurt anyone.

Why Blank?[edit]

Perhaps you have been banned. Maybe you have had an article huffed. Maybe you are just a jerk. Well then in any of these cases you would want to cause some chaos, annoy the admins or just be stupid and not funny.

Blanking an Article 101[edit]

Remember that some articles are protected, or are semi-protected. If you want to vandalise those then you have to have an account, but you risk losing it. It is easier to go and find unprotected articles to blank.

Blanking an Article 202[edit]

Typically you need a message of some sort. Some people suggest that you use Template:Blank while others use random words like shit, poo, or other things that little children would find funny. Blanking is not an elaborate form of vandalism so you don't need something that is too fancy. Just a single word will do. Remember that anonymity is very important especially if you are/had been a member.

Blanking an Article[edit]