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Beehives are retirement villages for bee's, and those infected with hives. They produce honey as excretments, as it is too sweet for their body to digest. Some humans like it though, according to studies. It is speculated to either be a fetish, or for them to get closer to the bee's, as "its hip to fuck bees!". There are also D.I.Y beehives created by designers, notably the beehive in wellington, new zealand, where the bee council lives. It takes aproximitly 15 miliseconds to build one.

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So, You want to make a beehive for some reason? Perhaps you want something to call honey?? Well, Follow these steps!

220px-Bee Swarm.JPG

1. Go to Walmart.

2. Buy 25 copies of bee movie.

3. Put them in someones mailbox.

4. Put on a bee costume and whisper *buzz* to the owner of the mailbox.

5. Run like hell when the bees start coming.

Honey bee flying md wht.gif
Honey bee flying md wht.gif