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The hidden page is kind of like one of those hidden picture games. Can you find all of the hidden objects?

“Fucking A man...wonder where it went”

~ Satan on Hidden

The hidden page is possibly the most enigmatic and perplexing article ever made. Yet arguably the best there ever was. Since the day it was created, the hidden page has puzzled onlookers daring enough to stare down its incredibly intimidating eyes. However, those who are able to see past its dark concealment often find a soft chewy center.


The hidden page was created sometime between "That lady getting a new face" and "Now." While the author is still unknown, many speculate that it was Yoda reincarnated, citing that "Well, he was pretty smart and stuff, right?" While this fact is acknowledged by the Star Wars community, it is largely rejected by "Normal" people. The debate over the author of the page has reached a breaking point, eventually causing one avid internet user to spontaneously combust. Unfortunately, due to the minor incident, all investigation pertaining to the hidden page has been suspended. Whilst the author is still unknown, the legend of the hidden page continues to grow. Despite the extreme subtlety of the page itself.

Extreme Subtlety[edit]

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Indeed, the hidden page is one of the most subtle in existence, and takes a lot of hard work and/or complete luck to find. In fact, it took nearly 20 days for the first reader to stumble onto this bit of server memory. Yet, as mentioned above, the legend and notability of the page rises nearly everyday. The current number of views is now at exactly 28. Due to these extremely high numbers, the page is now being edited 'round the clock, and has changed drastically from its original content.

Well-known Contributors[edit]

Among the many stupid noob can't do crap tangled and disfiguring edits to the page, there have been a surprising amount of them coming from well known celebrities, and other eminent figures of pop culture. The following is a list of these people, as well as their particular contribution(s).


Vandalism like the incident shown here, has so far only occurred once on the hidden page.

As of 04:56:59, 27 June 2022 (UTC) (UTC) There has been only one occurrence of vandalism on the hidden page. This vandalism was meant as a "practical joke" in which the anonymous IP repeatedly wrote the words "PENISPENISPENIS!!! across the page. Due to this extremely intolerable act, all edits by anonymous IPs have been blocked on this page barring just one, though those who have logged in may edit.


This section has been hidden through censorship by the FCC. You really missed out too. There were all sorts of naked attractive people and interesting innuendo of interesting people. Oh well. Tough luck for you. Now all this section is censored and replaced by this message letting you know that this section was censored.


The present-day hidden page is much like the hidden page of old. However, as you well know, so much has changed - and continues to change at this very instant. The hidden page has been through many edits in the past few weeks, and many more are to come. But it is the hope of this author, as well as many others, that the hidden page will always have that special little quality that everyone loves. Amen.