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~ Arnold Schwarzenegger on Helicopters

Helicopters (also known as whirlycopters, retarded windmills, hellcopters and, less commonly, "useful flying machines") do not exist. This is because they were obviously invented by a retard (Taylor Freisen) - no, not Leonardo Da Vinci - Michelangelo Antonionioni. They are an elaborate lie created by the battle pelican conspiracy in order to mask their own existence. Years ago, the grand pelican warlord Steven Seagal believed that the humans were becoming dangerously close to aware of the master pelican race and began to fill the world with helicopter propaganda in order to throw the humans off of the trail.

To any halfway intelligent human, however, it is obvious that helicopters do not, and cannot, exist. All one needs to come to this conclusion is a simple understanding of physics and the dynamics of flight. Flight is an illusion created by either a vigorous toss from a battle pelican (see: airplanes) or a complicated series of pulleys and levers, originally developed by David Blaine in 1776. The battle pelican theory however is heavily dependent on the shape of the object being thrown, and the use of a runway whereas the system developed by David Blane, clearly does not exist.

While the unexistence of the 'helicopter' is debated, a conversation in the U.N. resulted in a crashing of a chopper into the building killing many ambassadors and detonating the nuclear stockpile hidden underneath. The U.N have since been relocated to a small village outside of Zimbabwe.

How to fly a helicopter[edit]

Flying a helicopter is a simple task that small cavemen and paraplegics usually do. all you do is grab the controls and go: BUM BADA BUM BUM! BUM BADA BUM BUM! BUM BADA BUM BUM! BUM BADA BUM! if played correctly you will have mastered pretending to fly a helicopter. if you wish to fly the helicopter in real life without any lessons (as most people reading this will not have any lessons and still go through the local airport and even though not going on the runway you still have an instant 5 star wanted level as seen in the GTA series) I recommend you warn everyone that there will be a terrorist attempting to bomb your city and tell all people with feet to stay 100 miles away from it.

Now press the go button and if the helicopter accepts your ugly face, you wont crash into Chuck Norris. if you press the do not go button then CONGRATULATIONS! you have crashed into nothing.

NOTE: see actual professionals as if you are ugly, Chuck Norris might get a small bruise on his toe and wont be very happy.

How the helicopters fly[edit]

helicopters fly using a rotating wing to produce extreme ugliness causing the earth to repel the helicopter and causing the helicopter to ascend from the ground. this form of flight known as "super ugly o' matic 5000" is the cause of flight for many similar aircraft. Helicopter can refer to:

Helicopters may also mean:

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