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“Your memory serves you well.”

~ Doomguy on IDDQD

Doom 3's key word is: Shadow.

As you can see, Doom 3 has the most advanced shadow rendering system of any current game.

Pseudonym for "totally black screen" (you can't see Mace Windu walking just before you). After several years of promising FPS enthusiasts a huge advancement in gameplay and visual quality, ID software found that they had not actually written any code, nor did anyone currently working there actually know how to deliver the promised game. In a fit of desperation they released a program that displays nothing but a totally black screen.

To their surprise (and profit), several fans were convinced they could actually see a fantastic game on the blank screen presented to them (see the Kings new clothes syndrome). This enabled ID to make a huge profit without actually releasing anything. Following this success vaporware releases have increased immensely; released from the drudgery of developing media and releasing actual software several main software developers have released games that actually have no content, but simply appear to have because the buyer expects to see content due to the heavy advertising that preceded the game's release.

About Doom 3[edit]

Doom 3 is an FPS with really great graphics and charts (a totally shining blank screen) and the storyline is situated on Coruscant, where scientists, due to the heavy influence of coke, Pepsi and salvia saliva, accidentally opened the gates to heaven, where George Lucas' second chin walks around on four legs. You, Luke Skywalker, are to battle your way through Chuck Norris, Spyro the Dragon, Master Chief and ban the level 70 demons controlled by World of Warcraft Asian nerds. Your goal is to find the ancient Martian roll of duct tape, with the incredible ability to attach a flashlight to a weapon, a feat even the amazing technology of the future cannot do.

Your mission is to sleep. Shoot those bastards down and eventually come face to face with Tom Cruise in an ultimate showdown in which he comes into your home, tries to jump on your couch and electrocute you. Good night baby. Doom 3 is the number one flashlight simulator on the market, too.


The story of Doom 3 is conveyed through in-game dialogue and cut scenes, as well as e-mails, audio logs and video files found throughout the game. The game opens with Elliott Swann and Jack Campbell arriving at Mars City, the main access to the UAC's Mars base, disembarking from an Earth transport, with the player's anonymous marine just behind them. Swann and Campbell have a heated conference meeting with Malcolm Betruger as the first part of investigating the incidents and complaints about the facility, while the marine heads to Master Sergeant R.Kelly for orders. Kelly gives the marine instructions to find a scientist from the Delta Labs who has gone missing. The marine finds the scientist in a nearby decommissioned communications facility, where he is frantically trying to send a warning to the UAC on Earth about Betruger's teleportation experiments. However, as he tries to explain the situation to the marine, another teleportation test takes place and loses containment, at which point the entire Mars base is swept with an unnatural shockwave, transforming most of the base's personnel into zombies as the forces of Hell invade through the teleporter's portal.

Now forced to fend off attacks from zombified base personnel and the demons from Hell, the marine returns to Mars City, where Kelly remotely gives the marine orders to link up with another squad of marines and get a transmission card containing a distress call to the main communications facility to call for reinforcements. As the marine progresses through the base, he learns that Swann and Campbell have survived, and are also en route to the communications facility to prevent any messages being sent in hope of containing the situation on Mars. The marine squad is ambushed by demons and slaughtered, and although the marine recovers the transmission card, he is too late to prevent the bulk of equipment at the communications facility being destroyed by Campbell. Kelly, however, directs the marine to a backup system, where the marine is given the choice of whether to obey Kelly's orders to send for reinforcements, or accept Swann's argument to keep Mars isolated until the exact nature of the invasion is understood, so not to endanger Earth. The marine is told to go to the Delta Labs by Kelly or Swann, depending on whether the transmission is sent or not.

On the way to the Delta Labs, the marine is contacted by Betruger, who is now clearly shown to be working in cooperation with Hell in order to invade Earth. If the marine did not send the distress call to Earth, Betruger does so himself, hoping to use the ships bringing reinforcements to transport the demons to Earth. Betruger then unsuccessfully attempts to kill the marine using the toxic gases in the base's recycling facilities. Upon arriving at the Delta Labs, the marine learns of the details behind the teleportation experiments, expeditions into Hell to retrieve specimens and Betruger's increasing obsession with the tests, as well as of an archaeological dig under the surface of Mars. The dig is excavating the ruins of an ancient civilization discovered on Mars, and has produced a relic known as the Soul Cube. According to a scientist the marine finds alive in the labs, the Soul Cube is a weapon created by the ancient civilization to defend against the forces of Hell. The scientist also reveals that the invasion began when Betruger took the Soul Cube into the portal at the beginning of the game, depositing it in Hell. The marine pursues Betruger through the labs, but is pulled into the main teleportation portal after being lured into a trap by Betruger.

The portal takes the marine directly into Hell, where he proceeds to fight his way through the large number of demons to the Soul Cube, defeating its demonic guardian. The marine is then able to reinitialize the teleportation equipment left by research expeditions into Hell and return to the Delta Labs. Betruger, however, tells the marine that although the main UAC teleporter has been destroyed, Hell is opening a Hellmouth on Mars, capable of bringing millions of demons to Mars. Further in the Delta Labs, the marine encounters an injured Swann. Swann informs the marine that Kelly has been working with Hell for the whole time, and has been transformed by the demons. Telling the marine that Campbell has gone after Kelly, Swann gives the marine his PDA containing information on the location on the Hellmouth under the surface of Mars and assures him that he will try to make his way out of the base alone.

However, when the marine catches up with Campbell in the central computer processing sector of the base, Campbell is mortally wounded and only has enough strength to say that Kelly has taken Campbell's BFG 9000 weapon before expiring. Kelly then begins to taunt the marine in a demonic voice. The marine eventually faces off with Kelly in the central computer core, revealing Kelly as a cybernetic human grafted onto a tank-like base. The marine is able to kill Kelly and takes the BFG 9000 before proceeding deeper under the Martian surface to Site 3, the archaeological dig site where the Soul Cube was unearthed. At the primary excavation site, the marine discovers the Hellmouth, defended by Hell's mightiest warrior, Cyberdemon. Using the Soul Cube, the marine defeats Cyberdemon in combat, and the Soul Cube then seals the Hellmouth. The ending cut scene shows the reinforcements from Earth arriving at the base to discover the carnage. They find the marine alive, but discover that Swann has died. They are, however, unable to locate Betruger, who in the final scene is shown in Hell, reincarnated as a chicken-like demon.


Dr. Phil is a recurring enemy in the game.The fastest way to defeat him is to ask him a question that only a true doctor would know the answer to. Dr. Phil will be puzzled, and he will consume his brain and join Oprah's audience.


In DOOM 3, you have to press Ctrl + Alt + ` first so that you can access to the console.

The command lines are:

- god: You will be unable to die unless you try to do so.

- noclip: Nuff said lol.

- give all: You get all items.

- give weapon_[Weapon Name Here]: You get [Weapon Name Here]. Weapons are: flashlight, pistol, shotgun, machinegun, chaingun, plasmagun, rocketlauncher, bfg (and) chainsaw.

- give berserk: Your fists' power BECOMES OVER NINE THOUSANDS.

- give pda: You get PDA.

- notarget: Forces all NPCs to become blind.

- kill: Your soul will be Betruger's.

- killMonsters: Forces all monsters' soul to become yours.


Alpha Labs[edit]

Also known as Doom 3, this portion of the game seems to span 99.999999% of Doom 3's actual playing time, with the other 0.00000001 running around on the surface of the planet/moon thing you are on being chased by beach balls which shoot giant fricking balls of fire.

Oh. And also there are skeletons with rocket launchers on both shoulders, go figure.

And one more thing. Watch out for fatasses with rocket launchers for both arms.


Interestingly enough, several limited "Brown Editions" of the game, with FREE underpants have been located in stores just outside the coast of several small, microscopic, 3rd world countries.

Doom 3 made people blind with there a amazing 3D visuals but the blindness only lasted why the game was being played <----- I know I have first hand experience

Expansion pack[edit]

ID was fined $100,000 because they did not have Jennifer Hale voice any characters in Doom 3. Jennifer Hale must voice a character in all video games. To rectify this error, they made an expansion pack called Hi-res Erection of Evil and cast Jennifer Hale as a scientist who sits on her butt whilst radioing to tell your player a bunch of lines that were obviously meant for Sarge in the first game. The asking price for this game is, oddly enough, $100,000 per copy. Almost as if...


In numerous cases of geek-on-geek violence, Doom 3, as well as other games in the series have been cited by the attackers as inspiration. This has lead to many geeks demanding that more stimpacks and armor shards be placed throughout the world. Also, primarily in Europe, there has been a marked rise in violence against supernatural beings since the release of Doom 3. This has led to the game being banned in Germany, to, in the words of Chancellor Maledict "Keep me safe from that damned Cube."

This is a couple of gay lovers playing doom 3 as you see in this video the are homosexuals because of the high pitch screams ps doom is not scary if you think it is you should get tested

File:Why doom 3 is rated mature

Story Line[edit]

Doom is set in modern day Bulgaria where there has been farting radiation and toxic waste, most of the population are geeks who have lost their minds due to overdosing on GLUTEN and LACTOSE. However, all is not lost. A grumpy old drunken athlete in a life support suit. His name is Mickey Lucifer-Warrior or his Burundian wrestling name "Doomguy". After crashing into Plovdiv due to a plane coming from Slovakia, Mickey is left with nothing but a Rapid-Pooing-Gun or RPG and he has to decimate the Bulgarian population.

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