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I tawt I taw a putty tat!
Now that you have seen Halle Berry wear this outfit, you have seen the only redeeming aspect of 2004's Catwoman.

Catwoman was originally a high society courtesan who enjoyed stealing jewels more than wearing them. She has stolen Batman's family jewels many times. Batman told her they had to stop seeing each other during the 50's and 60's because he had settled down with Batwoman and Batgirl. Than came Adam West who had no less than three catwomen in his mansion. Once The Punisher made murder popular she tried that in the 70's but that was just a phase like bell bottoms and polyester, and besides, every decade in DC is a different timeline anyways.

In modern times, Frank Miller recreated her as a dominatrix which she's proudly been ever since. As a master thief she is a purrectionist.

Relationships and hobbies[edit]

Catwoman's flat is like that ancient Egyptian city where the cats sacred to Bast roamed the streets lined with their fur. What ever you do, do not mistake the hundreds of cat mummies in her bathroom for toilet paper, use a cat box like she does after too many eggnog rum shots. She has also been known to lie, spinning yarns, balls of it. Batman still can't stand the furry community because it reminds him too much of their time together as a couple.

Her favorite movie is Oceans Eleven; she just loves George Clooney. She has enjoyed going to the museum before gymnastics practice ever since childhood. Because of her acrobatic and sleight of hand Selena Kyle is very good at stealing a Bubastketball, but can end up caught on the rim and require help from the fire department. In DC vs Mortal Kombat vs Looney Tunes her final battle in story mode is against Tweety Bird,if she wins she eats him

Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises[edit]

Her suit is very popular among the pretty french male heroes, like the make-up and high heels of Louis XIV

According to some scientists, having Toxoplasma from cat feces in their brains makes people more aroused by fear danger and submission, bondage and violence which really does explain quite a bit about Batman Returns.

In The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman erases all the pictoric art of herself from the internet. Good luck on that and implanting in yourself and delivering all those surrogate baby's by yourself out in space Anne Hathaway.

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