Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower Defense
Ugly Monkey.png
Dart Monkey choking on a bloon.
Developer(s) Ninja Kiwi
Publisher(s) Ninja Kiwi
Release date August 16, 2007
Genre Tower defense
Platform(s) Mobile
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One

Bloons Tower Defense (also known as Bloons TD or BTD) is a video game series created by martial arts dojo, Ninja Kiwi. In the game, balloons are called 'Bloons', because balloons have no balls — or do they?


A balloon with balls.

The game is set in a dystopian grassland, with the skeletal remains of humans. The bloons are balloons possessed by demons, in which they control the bloons to go down the victims throat and suffocate them. The humans make an agreement with the Monkey King that, if Monkeys pop bloons, the humans will reward him with Lamborghinis, million-dollar mansions, and fruitcakes. The Monkey King, in return, provides the humans with loads of cool weapons, ranging from darts to god-like powers.

The goal of the game is to pop all the bloons and blow up the pesky airships that contain more bloons and human hostages. Bloons are popped by using towers provided by the Monkey King.

Monkey slaves Towers[edit]

There are many towers you could use in BTD. The cheapest one to start off with is the Dart Monkey, as he only throws one dart at a time. Some parts of the map have tight corners and roundabouts that are perfect for Tack Shooters, which spray a bunch of tacks whenever they detect a bloon, but have the aim of a Stormtrooper. When overwhelmed by bloons, try going with the Boomerang Monkey. He throws a boomerang in an arc that sometimes, but not usually, pops multiple bloons at a time. As he waits for his boomerang to come back it leaves some time for the bloons to escape. The Cannon is good for taking out bloons tightly clustered together, but the bloons usually do not cluster together because even demonic balloons need some personal space. The Ice monkey is good for stalling bloons and making them harder to pop. He also makes them smell like monkey breath. The Super Monkey throws lots of darts at a time, popping lots of bloons at a time, and waits to be replaced by even stronger monkeys. The Glue Monkey shoots globs of glue thinking it will slow down the bloons, but in reality, it just makes them slightly heavier without effecting their speed. The Sniper Monkey, is exactly that, a monkey with a sniper rifle. He has unlimited range, fires slower, and is a nuisance to the sneaky sniper bloons. The Ninja Monkey throws shurikens very fast, so fast he often cuts his hands causing him to throw shurikens slower. The Wizard Monkey chants spells, saying stuff like: "Allakabam! Allacozu! Get lost you bloooooonss!!!" proceeded by nothing happening.

The Engineer Monkey builds sentries that shoot darts, and they often fall apart. To combat this, he keeps building lots and lots of sentries to keep up the pace. The Spike Factory produces spike piles that the bloons float over with ease. The Mortar Monkey shoots explosive shells in a fixed location. Too bad the bloons don't have a fixed location, they are always floating around, and they are pushed back by the explosion making them safe from it. The Dartling Monkey uses a machine gun to rapidly shoot darts at bloons. He always aims at your cursor, mistaking it for a Chinese Spy Bloon. The Druid Monkey throws sharp looking leaves that, after being thrown, plop to the ground since leaves aren't actually sharp. The Alchemist Monkey throws bottles containing acid at bloons. The bottles unfortunately just bounce off the bloons and back at him. The Monkey Buccaneer shoots big darts from two cannons. That's what he would do if he wasn't stranded in the ocean.

The Monkey Ace circles the bloons shooting volleys of darts that don't hit the bloons since the darts spend too much time above the bloons. The Heli-pilot, or crazed Monkeycoptor, flies up to bloons and shoots darts at them. If he sees an airship, he will fly right into it, knowing he will probably die since his tiny darts can't do a damn thing. The Monkey Submarine shoots darts that home-in on bloons. Thats what she would do if she wasn't being attacked by Moby Dick. The Monkey Village provides the Monkeys with expired rotten fruits that is supposed to increase their attack range, attack speed, and popping power. The Monkeys usually like to stay away from villages. The Banana Farm produces yummy bananas worth lots of money, dropping them on the ground and bruising them. Finally, the Bloonchipper sucks in bloons and spits out the remains from behind, but due to the tower accidentally sucking in a Kiwi Bird, the tower was banned in all future BTD installments.


He has markings on his face that look similar to toast. Are the monkeys in this game edible? Of course, but you should shove them down a toaster before eating one.


  • Red Bloons: not much of a threat, often just popped by the wind.
  • Blue Bloons: basically the same as the red bloons, but are immune to wind.
  • Green Bloons: contain a lot of cash, known for distracting monkeys away from more threatening bloons.
  • Yellow Bloons: very vicious. They move in quick zig-zags toward monkeys with murderous intent.
  • Pink Bloons: even more vicious than yellows. They run in a straight line towards monkeys, moving even faster.
  • Purple Bloons: have a special energy surrounding them, making them immune to make-believe magic.
  • Black Bloons: are immune to explosions, but not fire, somehow.
  • White Bloons: are immune to freezing, often liking to hang out with Ice Monkeys.
  • Zebra Bloons: are immune to both freezing and explosions. When popped, they release zebra flesh that the monkeys feast on.
  • Lead Bloons: are very dangerous. If they are near a monkey for long enough, they can give it lead poisoning.
  • Rainbow Bloons: contain candy. The monkeys eat them, resulting in becoming fat and weak.
  • Ceramic Bloons: are the most hated. They just won't pop, so the monkeys have to smash them with hammers — which is a little fun, at least.


There are also blimps full of bloons that appear. The Mother of All Bloons (MOAB) is a normal sized blue airship that is a huge threat. If it makes it to the human refugee camps, it will release a bunch of deadly bloons there. A BFB (Big Fat Blimp) is a giant red airship that contains four MOABs. The ZOMG (Zeppelin of Mighty Gluttony) is a giant green airship that contains four BFBs. The DDT (Diaper Dirigible Titan) is a sleek airship immune to anything sharp, explosions, freezing, and it is invisible. You can tell if one is nearby by the smell of dirty diapers. The BAD (Big Ass Dirigible) is a giant purple airship that contains two ZOMGs and three DDTs — which, by far, is the biggest threat.

Other entries[edit]

Before Ninja Kiwi made any tower defense games, they had a game simply called Bloons. The game followed a CIA monkey agent throwing darts at balloons full of mustard gas, making sure to pop them before they came into contact with humans. In Bloons 2, the monkey helps the FBI pop many spy balloons floating in outer space.

As BTD became popular, five more sequels were created, with each sequel introducing new towers, bloons, and uglier redesigns of the monkeys. In Bloons Tower Defense 2, all the humans go extinct from vicious bloon attacks, leaving the monkeys on their own. In Bloons Tower Defense 3, the bloons have taken over the world, except for one Island protected by monkeys. In Bloons Tower Defense 4, the monkeys begin a voyage of slowly taking back the world, starting with Saudi Arabia. In Bloons Tower Defense 5, the monkeys rid the world of many bloons, but they still pose a major threat. The monkeys rename Saudi Arabia to Blooni Popbia. In Bloons Tower Defense 6, the monkeys rid the world of many more bloons, they no longer pose a threat with a few popping here and there. The monkeys form the U.B.P.M.N. (United Bloon Popping Monkey Nation).