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“I copied from babelfish! I is clueless”

~ User:Splaka on Babelfisch

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Babelfisch is a Tool of the search machine AltaVista to the automatic translation of texts. The name is a support at the Babelfisch from Douglas of Adam' novel by hitchhikers by the galaxy. As also Babelfisch clear problems exhibits many other programs for the translation of flow text into other languages, connections to seize and correctly translate. Therefore the translated texts are sometimes incomprehensible to completely incorrectly.

The one and only BibleFisch


As example a translation from the English Wikipedia source, original text:

Almost England[edit]

Wikipedia is A Web based, multi-LANGUAGE, free content encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers and sponsored by the non profit Wikimedia Foundation. It has edition in roughly 200 different LANGUAGES (about 100 OF which acres active) and contains entries both on traditional encyclopedic topics and on almanac, more gazetteer, and current events topics. Its PUR-FLOAT is ton create and distribute A free internationally encyclopedia in as many LANGUAGES as possible. Wikipedia is one OF the most popular reference sites on the InterNet, receiving around 60 million hit by day.

Bible English[edit]

Wikipedia is net-created, a multi-language, free contents encyclopedia, which is written jointly by the Freiwilligern and by the non-profit Wikimedia basis is promoted. It has expenditures in approximately 200 different languages (approximately of those 100 is actively you) and contains entries on traditional enzyklopaedischen topics and on yearbook, Gazetteer and topics of the present cases. Its purpose is to manufacture and distribute a free international encyclopedia in so many languages possible. Wikipedia is one of the most popular reference references to the InterNet, which receives around 60 million successes per day.

end bite[edit]

To consider it is however that Altavistas Babelfish is a free variant for simple translations into many, also exotic, languages.

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The translation is an activity, which contains the interpretation of importance of a text in a language - the text of output - and production again, are equivalent text in another language - the text of target language or the translation indicated. Traditionally the translation was a human activity, although attempts to use, automate and automate the translation of the texts of the normal speech - machine translation - or the computer as assistances with the translation - the computer-assisted translation formed are. The goal of the translation is to develop a report/ratio of equivalence and the intention between the source and the texts of target language (him is called the guarantees that the two texts communicate the same advertisement), with a certain number of delimitations considers. These delimitations include the context, the directives of the grammar of the source language, its meetings of letters, its Idiom and such a thing also.

Relative to transfer[edit]

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