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The sequel to the hit Fox network show, 24, 48 is twice as action-packed and suspenseful than the original. It takes place over a period of 48 hours, but with twice as much action packed into each episode. This means that the plot is completely impossible to follow. In addition, 48 takes place over the same 24 episodes as 24, so in order to retain the "realtime" format, the entire show takes place at double speed. This often makes it difficult to understand the dialog.

Big News[edit]

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There was going to be big stuff. Big. BIG. BIG! There were twice as many moles. (If possible) There was twice as much interrogation. (If possible) There was going to be twice as many improvised weapons used in violent ways. (If possible) FOX, along with FOX NEWS, decided all these things were impossible, and ditched the show's funding, thus leaving Kiefer Sutherland over five billion dollars in debt. It's a good thing he landed that six billion dollar deal to pose on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Two Jack Bauers![edit]

Yes, you read it correctly - in order to help keeping up with the greater speed and twice as many villains, there are now TWO Jack Bauers running around kicking the terrorist's sorry asses, one original and one clone of the original. That means MORE action, MORE interrogation, MORE car chases, MORE explosions, MORE kidnapped daughters in distress (as there are two Kim Bauers as well), just MORE of everything! Hell yes! Most often, there is one Jack Bauer on the field, chasing the bad guys, and one in the interrogation room, torturing those who have already been captured - the perfect synergy. Once in a while Jack Bauer has to torture his own doppelgänger when he suspects him of concealing information. Also another trivial and obvious piece of information that Jack Bauer(s) do not take a nap for all 48 hours. Be sure to look out for the occasional cameo appearance of Big Bauer, a slightly bigger version of Jack who is disproportionately more intimidating.

The Show[edit]

The original title for the show was to be "" however "" was decided to be too difficult for the actors to say. When it was pointed out by a janitor that not only was "" very easy to say, actually, but also that the actors would never actually have to say "" on camera, he was immediately hung, drawn, and quartered by Clinjas.

48 - the Memento version[edit]

As if things weren't good enough already, there is also a special DVD box just for you, played in semi-reverse, as in Memento, which means that the movie starts as 47:59:50 and is then played backwards to the beginning scene by scene, for additional confusion. What more can an action lover ask for, except for your very own Kim Bauer clone? Much. And soon that may be yours as well.

48 - the 3D version[edit]

Furthermore, there is a 3D release of every season of 48, complete with two pairs of 3D glasses, so that the viewer can see the two Jack Bauers torturing Islamists and Yakuza gangsters in three dimensions, instead of the usual two dimensions. Of course, since everything comes in twice the numbers, that means that the show will have a whopping SIX DIMENSIONS in true hyperspace style!

48 - the 3D Memento version[edit]

The very ultimate version of the 48 DVD-box, encased in a gold/diamond DVD box set, is a combination of the two aforementioned versions, allowing the viewer to see the whole season in reverse, played out in 3D. The 3D glasses included are made of gold and diamond as well. Every box set is signed twice by Kiefer Sutherland himself and has two whole extra DVDs with double the bonus material, such as deleted nude scenes with Kim Bauer. However, only ten thousand copies have been released and each copy will set you back three million Euros, so you may not be at best odds to get a hold of your own two copies.

48 + 24: The Final Ultimate Limited Special Edition 3D-HD Blu-Ray[edit]

Shortly following the successful battle against the HD-DVD Rebel Alliance, Fox released it's final edition of the 48 franchise. It was to be no small undertaking; special 3-D glasses were created so every season of 24 and 48 could be seen simultaneously. In addition, the much speculated Jack Bauer and Kim Bauer sex scene was included in full 3D-HD glory. The hottest and second hottest (respectively) human beings on the planet having sexual intercourse is said to be one of the wonders of the universe. That Jack could also kill Muslims at the same time heightens this fact.