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The Poetic Answer[edit]

Why should I create messages on the interweb that may not ever be read?

Because someone, somewhere may read one, and that will make them smile.

This is what you would look like writing that wonderful article.

Someone else will see them smile, and that will start them talking.

The talking will lead to a coffee, and the coffee will lead to dinner and a movie.

The coffee and a movie will lead to a few late night drinks, and the few late night drinks will lead to a drunken taxi ride home.

The drunken taxi ride will lead to an invite in for coffee, and the invite in will lead to passionate lovemaking.

The passionate lovemaking will lead to fertility, and the fertility will lead to a big decision to raise a child.

The decision to raise a child will lead to the child being born, and the child being born will lead to a harmonious and supportive upbringing.

The harmonious and supportive upbringing will lead to an emotionally stable adult, and the emotional stability will lead to a successful career.

The successful career will lead to a comfortable wealth, and the comfortable wealth will lead to the whim of finding the man responsible for the first smile.

The whim will lead to a search, and the search will bring this emotionally stable and comfortably wealthy individual to me.

And I'll be able to hit them up for a loan.