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Impersonal pronoun[edit]

A (plural As)

  1. (Impersonal Pronoun) Doesn't really mean anything.
  2. (television) Catch-phrase of The Fonz.
  3. (education) The grade that you didn't receive for English in grade four, and thus the reason why your parents didn't let you go to The Great Aussie Bush Camp that summer. Y'know, your true love was at that camp that year. Had you met her, right now you'd both be happily married and working at Google like you always wanted. But no, I guess playing Super Mario Bros. 2 was much more important than writing that book report on Treasure Island. You even asked God to turn back time for one day so you could finish it, but you still couldn't remember the name of the main character when you placed that wretched piece of paper on the teacher's desk. God.
  4. The sole entry in the list of one letter words starting with A.
  5. (mathematics) an upside-down "for all" sign
  6. Something Liverpudlians say repeatedly before getting in to a fight