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The Archer's March, as performed by the Czech Republic's 54th Bouncing Fusilliers.


The Archer's March is the national anthem of the Czech Republic. The tune was composed in 1792 by Ludwig van Beethoven, one of Germany's greatest deaf composers. Beethoven's lack of hearing goes a great distance towards explaining why the Archer's March sounds like it does.


The March itself is a celebration of the joy of firing bits of wood at high speed into rabbits, trees and men with ginger hair; the lyrics themselves are sung:

Baže měsíc hlas pro ee!
Měsíc hlas pro baže?
A co má být a hned potom
Moll nahradit pomocí bác!
Couvat s vozem běhoun
Jistá cesta dav v?
Kus zbabělce pár koho
Pád do proděravět.

Literally translated, this means:

Arise my fellow citizens of the Czech Republic!
Today is a fine day, is it not?
Let us go and shoot the rabbits which live in the fields and in the woods
and in the bit of land in between the fields and the woods!
But lo, what shadow, with grim and gaunt form
Falls upon us?
It is a man with ginger hair; let
Us kill him first.


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