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Suzie's Puke by Canned Peaches[edit]

Back in 1995 when Canned Peaches was recording* and mixing their album "A Legend Bound to Come True", they got a strike of inspiration to mashup a song originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Inspiration for Canned Peaches is far from spectacular... If you've recorded a song that has lots of instrumental gaps or the song just fucking blows loads in your grandmother's farm-knitted panties, it qualifies to become a victim of Canned Peaches.

After filling in the gaps and overdubbing some of the lyrics with movie clips and other shit, this masterpiece was created. It's a damn good thing because most of the other songs on the album ended up being Parsley Pieces. Note: Parsley Pieces are just songs that sit there and try to take up space, giving the impression that a 12 song album is a good deal, but most of it is just shit. Parsley Pieces make the original song look more "pleasing" on the album, and feed off the buyer's impression that the rest of the songs are sequels to the one song he's actually buying the album for.

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Available on the following albums:

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Oh, Suzie Puked
Oh, Suzie Puked
Oh, Suzie Puked
Baby, fuck you
Suzie Puked

I like the way you suck
I like the way you fuck
I like the way you suck
I like the way you fuck
Suzie Puked


Snarfing, Mixing, Editing, Analog Mastering, Digital Remastering, Stereo Remix & Artwork:

Canned Peaches

  • The word "Puked" - Dave Thomas
  • The word "Fuck" and phrase "Fuck You" - Some guy from the movie "Hangin' with the Homeboys
  • The word "Suck" - Butthead
  • Commentary - Bill Cosby
  • Toilet - Singer Meatloaf successfully flushing a log

Tinny sound brought to you by the cheap microphone that came with my tape recorder

Spork.jpg This page was originally sporked from Suzie Q by Creedence Clearwater Revival.