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Sunni and Shia are the longest running double act in the Middle East. Their on-off romance has fascinated the region for over eight hundred years but despite being inseparable at first, they drifted apart. 1980's gigs in both Lebanon and Iraq gave hope of seeing the two together more frequently, but a more recent performance in Bahrain suggests that their love-hate relationship is still fractious. Observers say that there is little prospect of them reforming as a genuine couple.

Fans are left to lament their passing as a couple. But they still have Sunni and Shia's best know hit, "I got you, Zebb"[1], to remind them of the magical chemistry that once existed between these two giants of the Islamic music industry.

I got you, Zebb[edit]

SHIA: I’ve got a bomb and you don't know

Won't find out until it blows

Sunni and Shia in happier times.

SUNNI: Well, I don't know if all that's true

But I shot your Mom, and Shia I’ll shoot you


BOTH: I‘ll kill you, Zebb

I’ll kill you, Zebb

SHIA: They say our hatred’s just insane

But I get off on watching you in pain.

SUNNI: I guess that's so but don’t make a fuss

I’ll go to paradise when you detonate my bus


BOTH: I’ll kill you, Zebb

I’ll kill you, Zebb

SUNNI: I was trained by the Taliban

You get your weapons from Iran

SHIA: You burned my home in old Baghdad

I killed your Gran on my Jihad

SHIA: Don't you say Shariah's wrong

There ain't no suq or market I can't bomb

SUNNI: Well, I don't care for Hezbollah's cash

We're taking over with Hamas


BOTH: I’ll kill you, Zebb

I’ll kill you, Zebb

SHIA: I got rocks, to stone your wife

SUNNI: I got bullets, to end your life

SHIA: I got your son, to beat and flog

SUNNI: I’ll use your corpse to feed my dog

SHIA: I piss on you, you filthy swine

SUNNI: I’ll smear my shit [2] upon your shrine

SHIA: I'll send poison to your Imam

SUNNI: I'll kidnap yours and feed him ham

BOTH: I hate Jews, Zebb

I hate Jews, Zebb

I hate Jews, Zebb

I hate Jews, Zebb

Let's kill Jews, Zebb


  1. Arabic - "Penis"
  2. English - "Excrement"