UnPoetia:Ode to Codeine's Mum

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Oh Codeine's Mum.
You're the principle of all things against Vanity on this site.
Though you be like sixty-something,
And some thirtysomething years since birthing your boy, you're still tight.
Ya know all those times,
When IPs come and talk about people that we don't know,
You're the one to remind us,
That if you haven't heard of them, the IPs should know where to go.
Like that one time that some one made an article about his best friend,
Except that it was mainly about gay sex, and that he was special-ed,
Your principles say that if Wikipedia hasn't heard of him,
Then he's probably better off dead.
I think I love you, Codeine's Mum.
Between, the free dinner and your anti-vanity movement, you're so fine.
I want to bum you. The end.

Codeine's mum.PNG