UnNews:U. S. Air Force drops nuclear bomb on Tehran - claims "miscommunication"

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U. S. Air Force drops nuclear bomb on Tehran - claims "miscommunication" UnNews Logo Potato.png

18 January 2007

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Tehran at sunrise

THE PENTAGON, Washington DC -- Some called Tehran a "beautiful city," teeming with a "bustling crowd of market-goers and tourists". Some called it "Home".

Today, those people now call it "a pile of smoldering radioactive debris that we used to call home," thanks to the United States Air Force. When initially asked about the bombing, the Department of Defense declined to comment. Later, it was revealed during a press conference with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow that there was a "miscommunication". Apparently, passwords were not given when the order to drop the bomb on Tehran was given, and the pilots dropped it anyway. When asked what was being done about the communications malfunction, Snow simply said that "steps were being taken to prevent this incident from happening again."

In other news, the population of Iran dropped 20 million, and the population of Syria dropped 5 million from radioactive poisoning. Score one for the boys back home.