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19 March 2006

Jimbo Wales at a press conference today, denying the existence of the Cabal

Disgruntled user announced today that the Cabal is "überghey." The Cabal has nothing to say to this because There Is No Cabal.

Even if there were a Cabal, Uncyclopedia would not care to disband it because it is rather fond of ruling by oligarchy and factions. That being said, There Is No Cabal.

Furthermore, the Cabal is not bound by any rules or regulations and informs users who disagree to "suck it." Well, it would if there was one. But of course, There Is No Cabal.

The Cabal will ban whom it wants, do what it wants, and dictate whatever it pleases. Anyone who objects to this will be banned. This is how the Cabal would act, but There Is No Cabal.

Big Brother reminds you once more, There Is No Cabal. And if there were, they would bend you over and demonstrate upon you just how über and "ghey" they could be if provoked. So cool it.

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