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2 April 2009

This is the Pokémon that the Indonesians are trying to look for.

Recntly, a strange Pokémon was found in West Java, in Indonesia. According to Bulbapedia, the parody of UnPokédex, a Pokémon-based encyclopedia part of Uncyclopedia, it is construed as a hoax. But our team at UnNews says that Bulbapedia is lying. The entire thing is true. A guy called Bagus says through the translation from our Asian correspondent, "This Pokémon is large and green. It has a banana growing from the Pokémon's neck." Pokémonologists later confirmed that the Pokémon that Bagus saw is a Tropius.

In March, five people in Jakarta saw a flying Pokémon. The Pokémon is said to came from another universe and is in a shining gold colour. Many Pokémonologists had looked at the pictures taken by them, but the conclusion is still to be made, since this Pokémon recently arrived. The name is still yet to be decided on.

“Pokémon ini besar dan hijau. Pokémon punya sesisir pisang tumbuhan dari lehernya”

~ Original quote from Bagus