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New Putin album: "Tanks Over Troubled Borders" UnNews Logo Potato.png

20 December 2010

The Moscow Cowboy, Vladimir Putin in full flow.

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is to release a Christmas album--in English--to celebrate his recent singing debut at a charity event in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Putin showed off his newly acquired language skills by singing Blueberry Hill, and has now recorded an album with the title Tanks Over Troubled Borders. Perhaps with his ex-Communist tongue firmly in cheek, Putin has "re-lyricised" the following songs:

  • Georgia on my Minefield.
  • I'm Back in the U.S.S.R.
  • Messin' Around (in the Baltic)
  • Boom Boom Out Go the Lights in Ukraine
  • (Let Me Be Your) Russian Teddy Bear
  • Bomb'in' the USA

A Russian music expert, Boris Polonium-210, says Putin has a "wonderful voice" and predicts a great future for his country's Prime Minister if he does this full time. "Vladimir Putin has a great voice, probably the best since Joseph Stalin. The late Boris Yeltsin was a great little mover on stage and in the 1950s Nikita Khruschev sang like a sailor when he banged his shoe to get the right vocal pitch. But Putin is simply fantastic. I am sure that, if Bono left U2, Putin could step and take his place."

The album comes with a downloadable poster of a bare-chested Putin posing with his mistress, 27-year-old Alina Kabayeva. The album will be available also from the website www.rossiyamafia.ru--which asks for the buyer's complete credit-card details.