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19 September 2022

Rockstar Games has hired a number of hit-men to take out anyone who posts one of the leaked images or videos on Twitter.

NEW YORK -- Upon waiting nine years for news and updates on the next installment in the Grand Theft Audio franchise, gamers have gotten their first look at GTA VI after videos and screenshots were posted on Twitter.

The leaked images and clips show the game in early development with many of the textures looking unfinished, along with all 90+ leaked sources not being able to be played.

"I'm clicking on the picture," one Twitter user said in a reply that featured a few of the leaked videos. "But how do I play it?"

"Just click play" someone responded. "You have to download it first, and then play it" another chimed in.

"Guys, I'm doing everything you're saying to do, but I can't play the game. It just moves on its own and I can't control it. I hope Rockstar fixes this soon!"

Rockstar Games has stated that when GTA VI is offically released, that the finished game will allow the player to actually play the game.