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30 May 2010

Chinese kindergarten students play ‘kill-the-teacher’.

JIANGSU, China -- 29 children at a kindergarten in eastern China who had been sentenced to death for attacking a teacher were executed Sunday morning, state news reported.

Earlier this month a court convicted 29 children from a kindergarten of intentional homicide for the April 29 attack on a teacher at a school in Jiangsu province, the state-run Xinhua news agency said. The 29 children appealed the death sentence, arguing that the teacher was too severe.

Chinese penal code says a person can be convicted of intentional homicide for ‘intentionally killing’ someone, the news agency reported.

In their half-day trial, the 29 children told the court that their rage against their teacher motivated them in the attack.

Since March at least four knife and cleaver attacks by school children against adults in China have been reported.

Guns are strictly regulated in China, but until recently large knives were not. Chinese authorities have recently issued a regulation requiring kindergarten children and younger to register with their national ID cards when they buy knives longer that 25 centimeters.

In some schools, adults have been armed with forks, long poles with semi-circular prongs that can be used to fight child assailants.