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7 January 2013

Jessica Simpson being pregnant, the most important thing happening today

Abilene, Texas -- In what is obviously the important news story of the day, Jessica Simpson is showing off her baby bump.

Just one week after announcing her second pregnancy, American recording artist Jessica Simpson is already flaunting her pregnant belly. In a photo posted by herself on twitter, Jessica Simpson is seen posing in a flower bikini. In addition to revealing what Jessica Simpson's pregnant belly looks like, the photo also reveals what Jessica Simpson looks like when photographed with a $50 camera and the clutter currently on her bathroom sink. The picture, taken during Simpson's vacation in Hawaii, is the first photo of Jessica Simpson's second pregnancy, and a quite newsworthy event.

Commenting on photo, Jessica Simpson admits she was initially keeping quiet about the pregnancy, "Since I got like fat and stuff, I've been really self conscious about my body. But, then I was all like YOLO and posted a half naked picture of myself on twitter."

It is not yet known when Jessica Simpson's due date is. Judging by the size of her belly, she appears to 5 or 6 months along. However, Simpson is known to quite pudgy, so it is impossible to determine how much of that is baby is how much is just fat. This, in turn, makes estimation of a due date quite difficult.

However, the photograph does reveal that Simpson's belly button currently points inward. According to a professional baby bump observer, "The navel of pregnant women generally point outward, or what is called an "outie". Ms. Simpson's inward pointing navel is probably due to above average amounts of abdominal fat. Additionally, she has already had a child, and is in her 30's, so her abdominal muscles would be looser than that of say a 20 year old. This also explains the exceptionally large size of her navel. One could probably stick several fingers in that thing, if you know what I mean."