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29 April 2022

Corden played a character based on himself in the 2019 film Cats; when he played a giant pussy.

LOS ANGELES, California -- James Corden has announced that he will be leaving the Late Late Show next year. Surprisingly, Jay Leno had nothing to do with it.

Corden has hosted the show since 2015 and, during his time, he is only famous for his running segment 'Carpool Karaoke'. Although James has not listed his reason(s) for leaving, it may owe to a recent influx of hate towards the Brit after his controversial segment 'Crosswalk Musical' stopped traffic and in response, got famous actors and celebrities to dance on top of people's cars as compensation.

The UK may have deported Corden. As he now identifies as American, he will be sent to Rwanda while his paperwork is processed. The final 2023 season of Corden's Late Late Show will also be filmed live in Rwanda (possibly even in a hotel of some sort, run by Don Cheedle) with no studio audience, as the locals would be too busy trying to survive War Lords.

Social media users are sanguine, one stating, "This is what Corden gets when he has Weezer on Carpool Karaoke but is too lazy to even show up on his own show" and that Corden is "late late on making this decision".