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Entire Movie to become Feature-Length Film UnNews Logo Potato.png

31 May 2008

Sunshine is expected to be released by 2057.

In a move to stun fans everywhere, last year's movie Sunshine will finnally be adapted into a Feature-Length film, in response to a recent contract with FOX Studios and several terrorists bomb threats. Everyone involved in the production of the movie will be brought back for the making of the film. When asked why so many delays had occured leading up to the announcement, spokesman Tim Rodertsun simply replied: "Shut the fuck up." Yes, fanboys everywhere will surely wet their pants and reach for their inhalers while normal people sit back and merely smile in a satifactory happiness. The Movie will be released in it's entirety as a full film format in December some 50-years in the future. The plot of the movie pretains to the sun, which is hot. But then it's becomes less hot, so anyone not in the artic start whining their asses off so much that they send up a bomb to the sun to turn it back into it's former glory. In the end, everyone dies- but the world is saved, and then promptly destroyed by an asteriod.