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26 November 2006

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The cover of Diana's first album.

ENGLAND, Europe -- Punk rock goddess, Princess Diana (deceased), is to play charity concert.

Prince William and Prince Harry are rumoured to be working with Diana on a charity gig for charity. This concert is likely to take place sometime in the future, with Diana being present at the show.

However, when looking for a charity to be associated with, William and Harry were having trouble trying to find one to accept the proposal. Many people found this rejection strange, as most reputable charities would jump at the chance to work with the Royal Family.

One of the many charities that turned down the opportunity to work with Diana was Oxfam, and when asked about the Diana Concert, they said, "we have no problem with her up-beat punk rock that she plays, but it's her personality that puts us off."

The event that Oxfam are referencing to, is the reckless driving incident of 1997. In this event Diana, intoxicated killed her record producer who was sitting in the back, and put her Guitarist in danger, who was sitting next to her. There is much controversy about this incident, for example, the record producer had been hassling Diana for their new album, and threatened to kick them off the label.

Diana also has had other controversy in her past; she attended the UK Hall of Fame Awards dressed as a Nazi. However, most critics do not blame her for these antics, most of this erratic behaviour is claimed to be inherited from her Mother as well as a drinking problem.

Negotiations are starting with other charities, hoping to be finalised before next year. Other bands are rumoured to be playing alongside Diana at the Windsor Castle venue.