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Dead Jimmy Savile to go trial for unsolved crimes UnNews Logo Potato.png

5 October 2017

Jimmy Savile in his prime.

LONDON, United Kingdom -- The late Jimmy Savile, infamous entertainer, childkiller, Nazi supporter, terrorist, industrial spy, and known demon, is to be unearthed so that he can stand trial for many serious crimes, it has already been discovered that he did many nasty things involving kids and babies, but an investigation into this revealed more terrible things that he has done between 1940-2011, including but not limited to the Moors Murders , the Holocaust, Apartheid and the President Kennedy assassination.

If found guilty, Savile will be sentenced to torture by means of being placed in a special machine designed to permanently induce pain via means of suffocation and electrocution, if found innocent, he will be incinerated instead to prevent him from stinking up the courtroom and causing a public health hazard.

Legal authorities in England hope to add a few extra dead people to pin a whole host of unsolved crimes on. These will include former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, The Kray twins and Jack the Ripper.

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