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13 November 2014

We welcome our guest.

KLANGER TOWN, Centre of the Known Universe -- It was a big big day at Klanger Town, as we welcomed our first alien to land here since Major Tom floated by some years back.

Hundreds of Klangers flocked out of their burrows to greet the landing space craft. So boisterous was the welcome that the visiting spacecraft bounced three times into the vacuum before finally landing. Our leading citizen knocked on the door to greet the visitors but was met by a drill and solar panels. We are unsure if this meant 'welcome' in their language but trust this was just a drone to see if we were not a 'bunch of weirdos living on a comet'.

It was a few months ago that Klangers had first spotted a strange craft orbiting our home. Some thought this marked the end of the days and others were worried it was an emmigration ship from Comet 68D. So far no one has emerged so suggestions that we should 'blast it' were not heeded.

"I hope we can soon make contact with our visitors," said leading Klanger, Major Kilgore Klanger, who was anxious to learn about the visitors' holiday dancers, known as Kloggers. He said, "Our scientists were aware that other sentient beings were in the area but it was just hard spotting them. We will of course apply parking charges if they overstay their welcome."

Not all Klangers have shown to be happy with the arrival. The Ku Kluck Klangers have already put on their white tinfoil and are threatening to burn the alien spacecraft unless it blasts off again.