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15 May 2007

The Bush-Blair relationship on the rocks

The formerly close relationship between British and American leaders George Bush and Tony Blair appears to be disintegrating just as the latter's term in office comes to an end. An undercover reporter of UnNews discovered a conversation topic in the online chatroom "Politicians Off-guard" which appeared to be between the two men. TonyB is thought to be the alias of Blair, while Bush goes by NO.1LEETHAXXOREATMYSHORTSU!S!A!:

NO.1LEETHAXXOREATMYSHORTSU!S!A! says: Hey there T-man, nice work on the ol' Telly talk, u almost had me fooled!! ;-)
TonyB says: Good evening George, I trust you are keeping well? To what are you referring may I ask?
NO.1LEETHAXXOREATMYSHORTSU!S!A! says: aww, dont play dumb wit me. "I did what I believed was right"? Straight-faced and all!!!
TonyB says: I did! Don't you remember? We were liberating the oppressed people of Iraq from their tyrannic regime!
NO.1LEETHAXXOREATMYSHORTSU!S!A! says: LMFAO!!!!! u gotta be kidding? man, u believed that crap? Sucker!! 
TonyB says: Are you insinuating that your motives for entering the Iraq war were not entirely humanitarian?
NO.1LEETHAXXOREATMYSHORTSU!S!A! says: HA! Look how loaded we are now! And you're getting none of it!! HAH! OWNED!!!
TonyB says: Dearie me. I appear to have been the unwitting pawn of an egotistical lunatic. I hope it doesn't affect my legacy...
NO.1LEETHAXXOREATMYSHORTSU!S!A!: says: FU Biatch! Loser! Loser!
TonyB: I ain't Bovvered, alright?
TonyB has left the room

Both men were unavailable for comment this morning about these findings.

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