UnNews:Boisenberry's Inauguration Into New line of Skittles.

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Boisenberry's Inauguration Into New line of Skittles. UnNews Logo Potato.png

7 July 2008

On Saturday, July 5th, Boysenberry was officially inaugurated into the elite unite of crime solving fruity flavours of the Skittles! The inauguration was lead by "The Little Lad Who Loves Berries and Cream" His duty of being an official flavour consists of consealing his taste to fool the general public into believing he is in fact a rainbow. Mango-Avacado was seen intoxicated in a nearby fruit coctail bar the night before, the little known flavour publically bashed Boysenberry's efforts to be part of the club. Mango-Avacdao's Publicist gave this statement to the public:

"Mango-Avacdo has suffered a rough loss considering the recent diss from Jimmy Buffett that the only
flavour for him was Pina-Colada despite promises of publicity for Mango-Avacado". 

Jimmy Buffett is yet to return this statement. Boysenberry's main source of publicity is this article and the common misconception that it's a blackberry. George Bush offered his intellectual opinion of the ongoing smack-talking:

"I like Boysenberries and Mingos both the same, but i suppose only one can be named the Ultimate Bansuke.
Am i right?".  


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