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26 May 2007

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One of the signs that led to the dramatic shift of mayoral power

NEW YORK CITY, US -- In a stunning development, Mayor Bloomberg stepped down in response to the unbearable pressure placed upon his administration by Jose Adames, who put up signs all over the place claiming to be the "real" mayor of the city, despite Bloomberg's successful electoral win in 2001 against challenger Mark Green.

"Do you know what it's like to be accused of being a cheater by some guy sticking up signs all over the place for everybody to see" said Bloomberg, wiping away a tear. "I just couldn't take the pressure anymore and cracked like an egg."

This was a great success for Adames' once mocked guerilla campaign to become mayor despite what the result of the election was. It is truly inspiring to see a politician who doesn't take losing an election lying down.