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18 October 2006

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HOLLOWLOG, California - The CBS reality show Big Brother will enter its eighth season soon. But one major change will occur on the unpopular program to help boost its ratings. Producers are seeking the help of George Orwell to save the show. Unfortunately, he died in 1950. Instead, they are taking a closer look at his classic novel, 1984.

Contestants next season will be forced to speak only in the language depicted in the book, newspeak. They will be scrutinized every waking and sleeping moment by Big Brother, the man, not the show. All of the viewers will be forced to vote every minute of every day and may only speak in newspeak. Anybody caught rebelling against this evil, brainwashing, dangerous, and evil authority will be killed by the government sorry that they did.

The British version of the show has never thought of doing this, but the United States thought it would be a neat idea for their eighth season. Season eight begins in 2007.


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