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Biden support slipping among lying, dog-faced pony soldiers UnNews Logo Potato.png

12 February 2020

Joe Biden at an event in Gilford, N.H. Staff provide two microphones so he can insult twice as many voters. In the foreground, a previous questioner prepares to play the shopworn prank of giving Mr. Biden "rabbit ears."

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire -- The presidential campaign of Joe Biden is losing support from lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.

Mr. Biden’s bedrock support among lying, dog-faced pony soldiers has been seen as perhaps the greatest strength of his campaign. But the closely-watched voting bloc seems to be looking for alternatives to Mr. Biden after losses in early-voting states. Madison Moore, 21, asked Mr. Biden in Hampton to explain his 4th-place finish in Iowa. Mr. Biden said the Iowa event was merely a caucus. "Have you ever been to a caucus?"

Ms. Moore nodded that she had. That was when Mr. Biden called her a lying, dog-faced pony soldier. The line derives from one or several old John Wayne movies that no one has been able to identify. Lying, dog-faced pony soldiers nationwide seemed to have marked this exchange and begun looking for primary-election alternatives.

Dog-faced? You decide

Ms. Moore would later admit that she had been lying and never really did attend a caucus. However, she denied being either dog-faced or a pony soldier. She said she had nodded out of nervousness in the presence of the former Vice President, was a complete nobody, and the fact that you are lying is irrelevant when someone calls you a liar, especially a "downer" such as Mr. Biden.

Ms. Moore may switch her support to a candidate who is not so much of a downer — such as a candidate who vows to impose crisis measures to stop the imminent extinction of the planet Earth.