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28 June 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann said we can simply pay the FED’s counterfeiting royalty to avoid defaulting.

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On the eve of her failure in the 2012 GOP presidential race, Rep. Michele Bachmann said that those threatening an ideological calamity unless Congress raises the FED’s royalties limit by August are just plain old “terrorists.”

The three-term congressperson from Minnesota said the U.S. could avoid ideological blackmail by paying only the interest we owe to the FED.

“It’s not exactly like Ron Paul says. The FED’s owners are really goodfellas who are entitled to a moneymaking-royalty.” Bachmaan explained. “Back in 1913 they bribed then president Woodrow Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act, fair and square,” she said. “That act, however treasonous, put private bankers in control of our money supply. Since then they counterfeit dollars from nothing and then loan those dollars to the American government, at interest, thereby perpetuating an endless cycle of hopeless debt.

“This means that we must pay a royalty to the FED for the right to print our own money!” Bachmann continued. “In other words we gave the copyright on dollars to a private monopoly of banking elite. But that is the deal, so we must honor it!”

By terrorism Bachmaan was alluding to the Democrat’s threat to release a deadly ideological-weapon in the American media unless the government raises the debt ceiling to allow the FED’s owners, such as the Bilderberg Group, to have their colossal annual payoff.

In an appearance Sunday on CBS' "Fool the Nation," Bachmann said she found the polls gratifying but noted that the result was confusing, considering that Ron Paul is the only electable candidate for 2012. “Not that I’m for him!” She clarified. “I’m for the FED. But Congressman Paul wants to cheat the FED out of their royalties. He wants to end the FED! But I ask you, when did a problem ever go away simply by ending it? Never! That's when.”

The poll showed Paul with 23 percent support and Bachmann with 22 percent among those who said they were likely to vote in the nation's first Tea Party presidential nomination talent show, “American Presidential Nominee,” which will premier on Fox TV in August 2011.

The top five include insufferable jerk Donald Trump, former House Jester Newt Gingrich, Sex-rock icon Ted Nugent, Bachmaan, and front-runner Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

President Barack Obama planned separate meetings Monday with Senate leaders and private bankers as negotiations on raising the debt ceiling moved into a new stage of mathematical folly. Talks among lawmakers of both parties ended last week when Democrats threatened ideological terror against America unless Republicans allow the FED to print more digital cash to pay their own moneymaking royalty – eventually enslaving all people in the process.

Officials say the nation's borrowing will exceed its $14.3 googol limit on Aug. 2, and that shockwaves could result from an ideological attack if we don’t pay up.

“It really is true that the Democrats could engage in ideological terror,” Bachmann said on CBS. “But we can avoid it quite easily. Geithner,” she said, “can pay only the FED their due, then we're not in default. But we can't pay all the debt, because that's a-million-times more money than in all the universe.”